The Dangers of Sugar Drop

Sugar drop or Hypoglycaemia to a diabetic, is when a toy dogs (most common in chihuahuas) sugar levels drop dangerously low. This can happen when the chihuahua has been over active, walked for to long, becomes over active or overexcited, lack of appetite or not eating sufficient foods, left without food for longer then 6 hours or not getting their share of food when stronger playmates push them out of the way. Smaller chihuahuas can suffer from sugar drop when handled to much, from shock, change of food, change of home or change of routine.

Symptoms- What to look out for:

Glassy or starry eyes, squatting or scrabbling with front legs and not going anywhere, passing out completely or falling on their side, lying on their side and trying to ‘walk’ (it can be mistaken as an epileptic fit)

What do you do?

Urgently give the dog honey or glucose on the roof of their mouth and tongue. In all cases, even if comatose so long as they are still breathing they will be able to swallow. They will need about 1/2 teaspoon given in 1 or more doses. Don’t forget to comfort them as it can be quite scarey. Once they are recovered and up and walking, give them some food (high in carbohydrates) as they will be quite hungary.

This is important to know for owners or small/toy dogs especially chihuahuas. Also to note, if your dog is on a long flight make sure to give then a little glucose or honey as well after the flight just to ensure they don’t go on to get Sugar Drop.

The Chihuahua Rescue Victoria is a great organisation, to read more:


The Life of Lana

The Life of Lana

Another friendly update. I’d just like to give a thank you to Lana for liking my blog and for her helpful comments! Check out her site! 🙂

Dogs Die in Hot Cars- RSPCA

Dogs Die in Hot Cars- RSPCA

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

The one scary thing about this article is how much you don’t realise your dog is in danger. I urge that you read the report, but if if you just want the the key points read ahead.

Dogs that are left in cars, even for a short amount of time are in danger of heatstroke. Chihuahuas are more in danger of heatstroke as they have smaller snouts and long coats (long haired chihuahuas).

A lot of owners believe that taking precautions such as leaving the window down, putting a sunshield on the windscreen or parking in a shaded area will leave their dogs protected, but unlike humans, dogs pant to help keep themselves cool. In a hot stuffy car dogs can’t cool down so leaving a window open or a sunshield on your windscreen won’t keep your car cool enough. 

‘In fact, when it’s 22°C/72°F outside, the temperature inside a car can soar to 47°C/117°F within 60 minutes. So even when its an average day, that doesn’t mean your dogs safe.’ RSPCA UK

Under the Animal Welfare Act you are responsible for your dogs safety, and if found negligent you could be prosecuted.

You will also have to live with the fact that you are responsible for your dogs suffering and/or even death.

What to look out for?

  • heavy panting
  • profuse salivation
  • a rapid pulse
  • very red gums/tongue
  • lethargy
  • lack of coordination
  • reluctance or inability to rise after collapsing
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • loss of consciousness in extreme circumstances.

What to do in case of heatstroke?

Heatstroke can be fatal, so defiantly treat it as an emergency.

They urgently need their body temperature gradually lowered.

  • Immediately douse your dog with cool (not cold) water, to avoid shock – you could put your dog in a shower and run cool water over him/her, or use a spray filled with cool water and place your dog in the breeze of a fan.
  • Let your dog drink small amounts of cool water.
  • Continue to douse your dog with cool water until his/her breathing starts to settle – never cool your dog so much that he/she begins to shiver.

Once you have cooled your dog down you should take him/her straight to the veterinary surgery

If able, please read the RSPCA report.

Tasty Homemade Treats for Chihuahuas

Looking for a tasty treat thats good for your wallet and your dog? I found this nice little recipe for homemade treats that I can’t wait to try myself on my little pup. Tell me how you go!

List of Ingredients

      3 cups whole wheat flour 

      1/2 cup wheat germ 

      2 1/2 cups oatmeal 

      1/8 cup peanut oil 

      1/8 cup corn oil margarine 2 ounces Carob chips — (available in health food stores) — melted 

      1/4 cup molasses 

      1 cup water 

      1/2 cup powdered milk



        Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix until blended. Dough will be stiff. Chill. Roll dough on a greased cookie pan and cut into squares 1/2 inch thick. Bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour. Makes 2 to 3 dozen.

        Link for the recipe:

I’d also like to give a shout-out to my friend Dexter the Chihuahua @Dexterchi for loving the site 😉

Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online

Dove Cresswells Dog Training Online

I was looking for training videos for dog obedience and I stumbled upon this website with a training program of 50+ videos of different training techniques (I think the guy trains dogs for movie roles) but to let you know you have to pay around $20 for the unlimited videos. But on the website you can watch a video for free. Its worth checking out though if you’re interested in a well trained pup. My dog can do all the basics but I wonder if I train her right she’ll be the next movie sensation! 😉

Animals in Need

Stop Pet Euthanasia

All of these animals are urgent as of today. Please follow the links to learn more. This blog is NOT operated by the staff of any of these shelters. If you’re serious about adopting or helping to rescue any of these animals, please use the contact info provided at the Facebook links.

  • Juniper and puppies, flat-coated retrievers in Longview, Texas
  • A female dog (looks like a Chihuahua) in Georgetown, TX
  • Several animals at Mineola Animal Shelter
  • Spice, a senior female Poodle in Orange, CA
  • Emily, a Chow in the Houston area in a very desperate situation

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